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NCF has been working in uniting coffee producers for the past three decades. NCF is an Umbrella for all the Nepalese coffee organization, businessmen, Co-operatives involved in the coffee industry. It was initially established as Central Committee in 1997 AD but has been running as an association since 2004 AD. This Institution mainly works for institutional development, coffee production, processing technology, advertisement and marketing of the coffee sectors.

DocumentsRequired Documents for Membership

Photocopy of Citizenship / Document revealing Identity (validity proved by Government)

PP size photo (2 PCS)
Application for membership (indicating the type of membership)
Company / Industry / Firm / Association / Cooperation registration Certificate
Documents reveling occupation, activities, and membership related documents.
Photocopy of VAT, PAN, and Tax Clearance certificate.
Previous Year tax Certificate

PricesStreamlined Membership
Enrollment Process

Interested parties and individuals can easily access our membership form online. Once downloaded, simply fill in the required information. You can conveniently submit the form through our company email or directly at our main office. Choose the membership that aligns with your goals and take the first step towards becoming a valued part of our coffee community.

Producers/ Farmer groups/ co -operatives
Members of the coffee supply chain that produce, process and sell coffee.
Fees Rs.5000
Coffee Orchard owner
Individuals, groups, companies that have invested in large-scale coffee plantations.
Fees Rs.15000
Individual farmers who are contributing to the coffee sector of Nepal.
Fees Rs.2000
Research institutes, agricultural extension services and training institution.
Fees Rs.15000
Buyers/ Agents
Coffee traders, exporters and importers etc.
Fees Rs.20000
Civil Society Organisations
Non-governmental organisations that is active in advocacy and/ or the implementation/ financing of sustainability programs/ projects.
Fees Rs.25000
Roasters and cafes
Small to large coffee roasters and cafes that sell Nepalese coffee.
Cafe with roaster Rs.15000
Only roaster Rs. 10000
Only cafe Rs. 5000
Individuals/technicians/baristas/ agro related suppliers
Individuals who are interested in supporting the coffee sector through their membership.
Agro related suppliers/companies – Rs 5000
Technicians/ Baristas – Rs 2000
Individuals – Rs 1000